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InnVision Thank you note for 2010 Toy Drive InnVision 5/1/2011
Watch Us Grow Karen Hebert 5/1/2011
Brown Bag I-129 Recap Wanda Gilmore 5/1/2011
Cloud Computing and Deemed Exports BIS 5/1/2011
ICC Incoterms 2010 Rules Seminar Laura Putnam 5/1/2011
VMI Update Steven W. Baker 5/1/2011
BIS “Complying with US Export Controls” Seminar BIS 5/1/2011
CBP Commodity Specialists Seminar PAEI 5/1/2011
C-TPAT Workshop PAEI 5/1/2011
PAEI Forum Gieselle Perez 5/1/2011
PAEI LinkedIn members group Gieselle Perez 5/1/2011
PAEI Membership Directory Karen Hebert 5/1/2011
ICC Incoterms 2010 Rules Seminar Wanda Gilmore 5/1/2011
“Commercial Encryption Roadmap” Program recap Jo-Anne Daniels 5/1/2010
Board of Directors Call for Nominations Jo-Anne Daniels 5/1/2010
CSTs and Regulatory audit vist to South Bay recap Gieselle Perez 5/1/2010
U.S. Customs Proposed Two Changes to Recordkeeping Requirements For Brokers George R. Tuttle, III 5/1/2010
Protecting Code as Free Speech: Keeping the Internet Open, Free and Publically Available to the World – Taking the Next Step Dan Minutillo 5/1/2010
Fact Sheet on the President’s Export Control Reform Initiative White House Press 5/1/2010
Tuttle Webinar Series Recap, Customs Compliance 101 Laura Putnam 1/1/2010
Top 10 Career Buster Moves Rick Miller 1/1/2010
22nd Annual Membership Meeting Lydia Bostillo 1/1/2010
Future PAEI Seminars Fatima Guadamuz-Cabral 1/1/2010
PAEI Members Forum Gieselle Perez 1/1/2010
PAEI Members LinkedIn Gieselle Perez 1/1/2010
Call for PAEI Volunteers Carla Ventura 1/1/2010
PAEI Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism ( C-TPAT ) Trade Program JoAnne Daniels 1/1/2010
Import Requirements Under The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) George R. Tuttle, III 1/1/2010
Top 10 Career Buster Moves Linda Lexo 1/1/2010
U.S. Customs Proposes Formal Regulations Requiring Use Of Statistical Sampling George R. Tuttle, III 1/1/2010
Tuttle Webinar Series Recap, Guide to Export Controls Carla Ventura 1/1/2010 view doc
International Trade Compliance in a Down Economy: Protecting Yourself (and your company) Steven W. Baker 1/1/2010
Trade Meeting: How to Effectively Manage Deemed Exports 6/1/2009
Using Down Time Wisely Steven W. Baker 6/1/2009
EU Ruling Will Allow U.S. Firms to Use Non-Metric Units on Packaging 6/1/2009
Training ROI—Cut Back, In-House or Outsource? Caulyne Barron 6/1/2009
Trade Compliance 101:Back to Basics/Singapore Loree Stevens 6/1/2009
Tuttle Webinar: Solving the Puzzle of Routed Export Transactions and Other Mysteries of U.S. Census Bureau’s Export Tuttle Law Offices 6/1/2009
10 Reasons Trade Compliance Programs Are Unnecessary Rick Miller 6/1/2009
PAEI/AeA One Day ITAR Training Session at NASA-Ames Research Center Laura Putnam 2/1/2009
PAEI Election 2009 Results Jo-Anne Daniels 2/1/2009
21st Annual Membership Meeting Lydia Bostillo 2/1/2009
Court of International Trade to Decide Scope of Traffic Heading 8486 for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment George R Tuttle, III 2/1/2009
PAEI/AeA One Day ITAR Training Session at NASA-Ames Research Center Loree Stevens 2/1/2009
Deemed Exports – Beyond the Confusion Dan Minutillo 2/1/2009
10+2 Importer Security Filing Rule Now in Effect Daily Bugle 2/1/2009
Commerce/BIS Posts Export Compliance Audit Module Self-Assessment Daily Bugle 2/1/2009
Export Compliance Careers and Compensation, Frequently Asked Questions Rick Miller 11/1/2008
PAEI Board of Directors: Call for Nominations and Letters of Intent Jo-Anne Daniels 11/1/2008
Commerce/BIS to Post Commodity Classification Information BIS 11/1/2008
Commerce/BIS Amends EAR to Simplify Encryption Rules Christopher R. Wall 11/1/2008