Opens 07/09/2021 · Closes 08/08/2021

The Export Compliance Technical Specialist is a member of the staff of the Caltech Office of Export Compliance (CEC) and reports to the Director of Export Compliance. CEC is a small organization with a very large mission: assuring Caltech’s compliance with export control regulations. CEC is focused on compliance with highly technical regulations, but in such a way as to minimize the impact to the ongoing research and education activities of Caltech.


Bachelor’s degree required.


  • Represent the Caltech Office of Export Compliance (CEC) directly interfacing with research and education projects, including NASA/JPL/DOD/DOE/Caltech collaborations to support existing and new export compliance processes and procedures.
  • Provide day-to-day project support to ensure campus meets export compliance in meetings, discussions, presentations, documentation, recordkeeping and any other aspect of the project that requires export compliance.
  • Perform document review of technical documents to determine the presence of export-controlled information.
  • Work with researchers to perform export classifications and license determinations for projects and shipments.
  • Interface with staff and researchers to conduct export license determination for Department of Homeland Security I-129 process.
  • Participate in training projects to improve the skills of Caltech staff in the review of technical documents to make determinations concerning export compliance issues.
  • Work with researchers to gather sufficient information to conduct export classification/license determination of hardware, software, technical data, technology transfers.
  • Perform internal campus assessments to determine effectiveness of implemented export

How to Apply

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